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Forget About Cryptocurrency or Volatile Stocks, Here’s A Fund That Pays Out EVERY QUARTER.

If you put in 20K today, you can expect to see your first $500 in 3 month’s time!

In the new digital era, you probably already know that cryptocurrency and stocks are the most common forms of investment.

While it’s easy to make quick wins, both options offer high risk and reward, but it is also easy to crash and burn and lose everything.

Stock prices fluctuate exceptionally quickly within a single day, and you’d have to constantly refresh your mobile to get the latest update.

So most investors who don’t know how or want to monitor stock price turn to safe vehicles such as bonds, insurance or property investment.

However, most of these avenues often require higher commitment; property investments require more increased initial capital investment and property tax, and insurance plans can take decades to mature before you can cash out. This is why many prefer the safer option with minimum risk – bonds.

The safer government bonds generally have a longer waiting time of at least 4-5 years before maturity and pay out roughly 2-5% per annum.

Amidst the current bond options, there is a MAS-registered fund attracting a lot of interest. It offers two maturity schemes, per annum, and payouts EVERY quarter.

It’s no wonder many Singaporeans are now tapping into this opportunity.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear from these quick investors who have already benefitted:

So What Are These Funds?




Who is this for?

Exclusive New Offering For Retail Investors 

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Accredited Investors / Institution-level

Minimum Investment?

20K (With top-ups per 10K)

200K (With top-ups per 50K)

Tenure & Payout Schedule

1-Year Tenure, 10% p.a. with 4 quarterly payouts

5-Year Tenure, 10% p.a. with 20 quarterly payouts

Is the offering registered?

No, Private Equity Fund

Yes, MAS-Registered Fund

Why Meticulous Investors Trust Us

No Agent / Admin Fees

Unlike endowment insurance investment plans, there is no lock-in or agent/broker fee. You trust us with your capital to invest, and it wouldn’t make sense for us to charge you additional middleman fees. Rest assured that for every single cent you put in, you’ll only reap the benefits.

Low Risk

While stock investments may offer higher returns, the risk is equivalent. On the other hand, Bonds are less volatile and risky, meaning that you don’t have to panic or check the numbers every day. Just sit back and wait out till the payment date.

In fact, unlike typical bonds that payout twice a year, we pay out every quarter so that you can get hold of your returns quicker and see the results.

100% Transparency

With many Ponzi schemes or quick-wins passive income scams popping up within the industry these years, you need to find a trusted investment firm that can lay out all the numbers to you so that you don’t risk losing your initial investment amount.

This is why here with us, you’ll receive monthly and bi-weekly updates from your personal advisor to know how your funds are doing and receive clear and transparent information throughout the lifespan of the fund and principal payment schedule will be sent to you.

In fact, See How Many Of Our Investors Are Already Benefitting!

Risk Management

All our investors are backed with our Corporate Guarantee. Over our 30 years of operating history in Indochina, we provide secured debt financing for SMEs, individuals and property developers in Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore. We invest in multiple strongly backed portfolios such as forex trading platforms and leading payment platforms.

Hence, we’re confident to make this promise:

If a fund underperforms, you’ll get your principal amount back and even get to keep the interest amount accumulated.

Financing & Auto Platform -

Management Team Track Record

Consistent quarterly payouts since inception


Consistent Financial performance since inception


Good management bench strength


Financing & Auto Platform -

Management Team Track Record



Peer comparison (Competitive Strength)


Cost Structure


Product Innovation & Profitablility




Economic Environment


Amidst COVID-19, Our Group Is Thriving

During the COVID, we saw an upturn of 26% increase in loan financing from our lending businesses compared to 2019.

Many emerging markets and SMEs in developing countries do not have access to opportunities or banking support schemes as they tighten their lending measures. We offer monthly repayment loans to both Singapore and Indochina businesses to help them tide through the times, ensuring constant cash flow and capital generation.

You can be assured that any fund investments with us are trusted and safe.

Due to confidentiality and regulations, we're unable to present the numbers online. To get a better understanding of our financial statements and documents, do come down for our consultation.

About Us

We’re a multinational enterprise with over 30 years of business management experience. Our Group specialises in the fundamental approach and growth of the existing business in the portfolio through meticulous planning and diligence in the ASEAN region.

Our business revolves around the core of Culture, Abundance, Growth, Preservation and Stability.

Our fund is managed by Passion Venture Capital, a licensed fund manager and CMS license holder registered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

With 16 companies in over six countries under our belt, we invest in multiple portfolios such as forex trading platforms and Cambodia’s growing mobile wallet and more.

Cambodia’s Leading Payment Platform - Pi Pay
There Is No Catch

Experience with countless investors over the years tell us that there’s bound to be questions floating around your head as to deciding whether you should buy our funds.

If you’re thinking…

  • I don’t want to keep monitoring the stocks daily.
  • Will I really get paid quarterly?
  • Is payout really that good, at 10% p.a?

All these questions will be answered when you come down for our consultation.

Fill in the form below and you’re on your way to a road of passive income.


How much do I need to start investing?

Accredited Investors (AI) and Institutional investors need to meet a minimum deposit of S$200k.

For a lower minimum entry, we are offering a S$20k private equity fund that also pays out 10% per annum. Fill in the form above for a non-obligatory consultation to find out more about this  offering.

Am I able to exit early out of a fund? Will there be any penalties?

Before maturity, any early terminations are subjected to a 20% fee penalty of the principal amount, and any interest(pay-outs) must be returned to Evergreen Assets Management.

That being said, we strongly do not recommend the fund if you cannot hold it for the whole period.

What happens to my investment if a fund fails to deliver?

In the event of an underperforming fund, our Corporate Guarantee protects customers from losing their investments. Customers will get back 100% of their principle and keep the interests accumulated during the period of that fund.


Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges. Transparency and trust are of utmost importance to us. Your personal advisor will guide you through every step of the way, providing constant updates on your portfolio’s performance.

Can we do the consultation through Zoom/video call?

Unfortunately, our team would prefer to have a face-to-face meeting at our offices for the consultation. This is because we can show you our financial statements and our company’s history of businesses and investments to help you understand what you’re investing in. Hence, we highly recommend a physical meeting.

Why our fund and not stocks?

It’s simple. While stocks may offer higher returns, the risk is equivalent. On the other hand, our funds are less volatile and risky, meaning that you don’t have to panic or check the numbers every day. Just sit back and wait out till the payment date.

In fact, unlike typical bonds that payout twice a year, we pay out every quarter so that you can get hold of your returns quicker and see the results.

Is there a minimum holding period?

The minimum holding period is around 3.5 years, whereas our exclusive private offering has a minimum holding period of 10 months. To learn more about the offerings, fill in the form above for a non-obligatory consultation to learn more.

How will I know if my fund is performing well?

We issue half-yearly and monthly newsletters containing updates on all funds.

Your personal wealth advisor will issue you monthly and bi-monthly reports as well.

Is it safe to come down for a physical consultation?

Yes, we have taken the necessary safety precautions to ensure the environment is sterilised and cleaned before every visit.